Liverpool Brisk Walkers
Liverpool Brisk Walkers - The B Side
In Memory of Dave Dent
You always had a smile to share.
Time to give and time to care.
Some one to turn to loving and true.
One in a million that was true.
My mate, my friend, my world.
I loved you yesterday, love you today, love you tomorrow.
Dave's 1st year away.
Gone and not forgotten.
RIP. xx
It is now three years since Dave died. Although Dave died too soon, the Liverpool Brisk Walkers which Dave started, continues, bringing health and social benefits to us all. Thank you, Dave.
The Liverpool Brisk Walkers.  

Friday 19th January 2018, 7:30pm LBW Christmas Meal
This Christmas we are going to avoid the rush by, as usual, having our Christmas Meal in January. We have booked the Eton Place Restaurant, 258 Woolton Road, L16 8NE. You can bring your own wine, Ł4 corkage. Menu at . They are also on Facebook.
We went to Eton Place several years ago and had a good time. Meet next door at the Halfway House pub at 6:30pm for a pre-meal drink if you wish.
So she knows how many to expect, please reserve your place with Jackie asap, either at a brisk walk, by phone 07 917 568 675 or email . 

What is Brisk Walking?
We all know that walking is good for us but brisk walking is even better!  Brisk walking has been defined as walking at 4 mph.  Although originally we tried to stick to that definition, we have found it better if each person walks at a pace faster than normal but one that is still comfortable for them.  

Who Organises it?
Liverpool Brisk Walkers was started by Dave Dent, a member of the Ramblers’ Association, when the original Brisk Walks organised by Liverpool Park Rangers were discontinued. Sadly, Dave passed away on 21st December 2014.

It must be emphasised that the walks are organised on a purely voluntary basis without a grant or subsidy of any kind.  Except where otherwise stated, the walks are brisk and on the level with the aim of improving the health of participants.  Nevertheless a reasonable degree of fitness is needed.  Whilst every care is taken in planning the walks, participation is entirely at your own risk.  

You are advised to keep either the walk leader or the back-marker in sight and tell one of them if you intend to leave the walk early.  To avoid the possibility of becoming isolated on a walk, new participants are strongly urged to stay near the back-marker.

Where do you meet?
We have three main meeting points:  The Gothic Fountain in Sefton Park at the south (Aigburth Vale) end of the Lake, Calderstones Park at the Mansion House and the Otters Pool Pub, Riverside Drive.  Unless otherwise stated, walks are on Saturday starting at 1:30 p.m.   The walks are usually between 4 and 6 miles.  See Current Walks for full details.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! ...  Unless you want to join us for a meal or other social event for which the cost will be made clear.

Do I need walking boots?
No!  ... Unless it is an occasional longer (not brisk!) walk when this would be made clear.  Stout shoes are recommended.  Consider bringing a bottle of water on the longer walks and in hot weather.

How do I contact you?
Email us at or post on our Facebook page at